Colon Cleanse – 6 best home remedies and medications

The most crucial aspect of the digestive system is the functioning of the colon. Colon with improper functioning results in several medical complications. It is colon that absorbs vitamins and other nutrients from the food we consume on a daily basis. Indeed, it discharges the complete solid waste that gets accumulated in the body. Any anomaly in the functioning of colon obstructs the above-said process and the consequence effect of which there is a drastic increase in the absorption of toxins, which if not is supposed to be flushed out by the colon. Accumulation of toxins in the body results in constipation, abnormal weight gain, headaches, illness, and fatigue.

Foods that we consume ought to be digested extremely well in the digestive system, through the formation of mucus in the colon can be controlled to a greater extent. It is mucus that produces harmful toxins in the body over a period of time. And, that’s were colon cleansing comes into play. Experts at have identified the six efficient natural colon cleanse remedies for cleansing colon which can enhance the functioning of the digestive system.


There is no other liquid with powerful medicinal properties as like water, which many are hardly aware of. It is advised to drink at least 12 glasses of water daily, through which sufficient amount of liquid inflow into the body is guaranteed. Once the body is enriched with liquid, it gains the much need lubrication sufficient enough to discharge the toxins and other wastes that is accumulated in the body. In fact, water inflow will clean up the digestive system.

Lemon Juice

According to medical experts, Lemon is highly beneficial for the digestive system, given its antioxidant properties and excess of Vitamin C content in it. Hence, drinking lemon juice is vital for cleaning the colon. Juice one full lemon, add a pinch of salt along with little honey into a slightly warm water and drink early during the morning time. Have this as a routine for at least few days’ time period.

Intake of foods rich in fiber

Consuming fiber rich foods flushes out the harmful toxins contained in the colon. It softens the stools enhance the bowel movement, through which the waste products get efficiently discharged from the body. In fact, these foods can very much comfort a person affected of intestinal difficulties. Have fruits like pears, apples, raspberries along with vegetables such as broccoli and peas on a daily basis.

Vegetable Juice

Take a break from processed food at least for a period of time. Try out with raw vegetable juice. Most specifically, make juice with green vegetables rich in chlorophyll content in order to flush out the toxins. Since, these vegetables are rich in minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other vitamins, consumption of such greens will enhance the health as well as infusion of energy.


Eat freshly prepared yogurt to cleanse the colon. Categorized as a probiotic food, it infuses good bacteria into the intestinal system thus strengthening the digestion process. The calcium content in yogurt inhibits the growth of cells that borders the colon. Yogurt has the necessary capabilities to offer relief from irregular bowel movements, flatulence, and indigestion.

According to colon cleanse experts, cleansing colon through home remedies is one of the best natural colon cleanse methods that is gaining popularity in the recent times. This natural way of colon cleansing is deprived of side effects, which is bound to occur in artificial colon cleanse procedures.

Essential Medications to have post colon cleansing

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